Hey there, I'm Marie Anthonette, a self-taught artist from the Philippines, and now based in Sydney's Northern Beaches. I have a background in Architecture, I'm passionate about art because it's an incredible way for me to express emotions and connect with others through shared feelings, and creating art is like taking a journey into myself. Each brushstroke or pencil line reflects how I see things and what's inside me. Sharing my work with others is special because it lets them feel the emotions and stories I put into each piece. Whether trying new things or mastering skills, my art shows my dedication, creativity, and love for learning.

My artwork is all about vibrant colors and drawing inspiration from architecture, nature, emotions, and life experiences. I love experimenting with traditional techniques infused with a contemporary twist, creating quirky, colorful, and timeless pieces.

From bold animal portraits to abstract pour paintings and moody landscapes, each piece tells a unique story and evokes different emotions. Art should provoke thought and inspire dialogue, encouraging people to see the world from new perspectives.